Doesn't matter if you need to reach a local audience, or if you've got a national campaign to launch. LW Marketing can design cutting-edge work around any product or service you offer. Give us a call, and let's create something awesome together.
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We’ve been working extensively in the dictation/transcription & speech recognition vertical since 2009! So yes, we know the features and benefits by heart, the growing list of supported specialties and subspecialties, and we could probably even walk a clinician through the process of configuring a Nuance PowerMic II, no kidding.
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Let us help get new business to come to you! Each thoughtful communication to your customers will keep you at the forefront of their minds.
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Who are we?

We are designers. We are strategists. We are thinkers. We are perfectionists. We are churning out some great work off the gulf coast of Florida. We have one goal in mind – to craft work we are proud of. It is the kind of work that moves your brand toward your customers and your customers toward your brand. We are more than marketers. We are more than providers of Florida marketing services. We are your next big idea.

Get It Done, Get It Right.

Let’s be straightforward – cliché expressions, under-performance, and stiff personalities – these are qualities you won’t discover in our company. Refreshing, right?! We Know! LW Marketing will, however, show you creative marketing solutions that actually work in today’s rapidly changing world of design, advertising, and marketing.

We have a work hard, play hard mentality, so it is simple – tell us what you need. If you need web design, SEO marketing reporting, creative copywriting, company branding, pizazzed logos, or even recommendations on good sushi restaurants in Southwest Florida, it’s done. We are more than a marketing company – Unleash us on your next project.

Sample Predicaments We Solve

  • I know what I want — I just need someone to pull it off
  • I have no idea what I want — I need a company to just take this and run with it from start to finish
  • I have received the runaround from my current marketing company — they overcharge, nickel and dime, etc.
  • My designer disappeared and left me with a mess I can’t update on my own
  • I don’t have the time to manage this myself
  • My project is huge, and it has to go live in [insert completely unrealistic timeframe here]
  • I want to use this WordPress template, but it’s crappy and could use a graphical overhaul
  • I have 100 products I’d like to sell online
  • My Facebook page looks plain and boring — I want to look like a solid brand
  • My company needs a portal