Dragon Medical Marketing

Simply put, we’re the only agency with in-depth knowledge and experience with the software, the hardware, the manufacturer, and the process for planning your marketing, carrying out that plan, and getting you reimbursed for it.

For the last 4 years, LW has ridden the inside track on Dragon Medical technology, specializing in targeted marketing campaigns and original, cutting-edge creative for Nuance Healthcare Partners. We take part in weekly conference calls with the manufacturer to keep current on product promotions, special upgrade options, and anything else we can get our hands on to help build campaigns that work harder for you.

Choosing to work with a group that has this level of built-in savvy guarantees that you can leave the details to us and focus on doing what you do best — RUNNING A PROFITABLE BUSINESS.

As a result of our specialization, we can comfortably flaunt our mastery regarding:

  • The details and specs of Nuance’s software & hardware lineup.
  • All of Nuance’s branding/usage guidelines for the product name, artwork, and logo.
  • Which types of projects & activities are reimbursable by Nuance, so your out-of-pocket is minimized and in many cases, absolutely ZERO.
  • How the entire process works, from the inception of planning your strategic activities for vendor approval at the beginning of the quarter through final approval and submission for reimbursement at the close of each quarter.

This product and brand proficiency ensures that all activities completed for you are vendor-compliant and therefore, fully supported by Nuance.

How does this set us apart from any other agency that might work for you?

No learning curve, PERIOD.

Besides having great software and hardware knowledge, every member of our team has a solid understanding of:

Dictation, transcription, and speech recognition in the medical field
Physician practice pain points
Hardware compatibility
General EHR/EMR functionality
Mobile options

For the final piece of the puzzle…we get to know YOU, and how you run your business. At the end of the day, every business is different, and how you go to market is unique.

So everything we create for you will be exactly that — UNIQUE. Whether your audience is defined by geography or by profession, we will hone in on everything that makes you distinctive as a Value-Added Reseller and run with it.

No other marketing company can offer you this level of inherent product knowledge, industry expertise, and concierge-level service.

So what kinds of things can we do for you?