Email Marketing That Reaches People (Not Their Spam Folders)

Why Email Marketing?

Email marketing campaigns not only build relationships, trust, and loyalty, but they also reach the recipients of any country within minutes or even seconds. This means your potential buyers will have access to your promotions and information anytime and anywhere.

Being easily measurable, emails can be targeted by source, interest, or list. No other format is more flexible or interactive than targeted email marketing.

Since emails can be accessed anytime and anywhere, the benefits of email marketing services become obvious: it is direct; it demands less time and resources; and the results are clear-cut.

Why LW Marketing?

Our email marketing campaign strategy knows exactly what needs to be done, meaning it uses market data to target the audience that best suits your company. By being data driven, your email blasts will generate an immediate response and can drive direct sales.

In fact, a recent survey reveals 7 out of 10 people make use of a coupon or discount learned about through a marketing email in the prior week or month. You can fill these emails with links and details to provide as much information, deals, and resources as needed. Our designers get it done and get it right.

And since these campaigns can be automated, it is easier for your company to schedule emails weeks or even months in advance. Statistically, however, commercial emails do account for 70% of spam complaints. Therefore, LW Marketing uses expert marketers, copywriters, and thinkers to generate the best leads, subject lines, open and click rates, and marketing analysis to keep you out of the recipients’ dreaded spam folders and in their heads.

LW can build your own email marketing account, manage your list, design and deploy the HTML email campaigns, and track the results. Here are a few more services we provide:

  • Custom Design of Your HTML Email

  • List Management

  • Message Format Testing

  • Real-Time Reporting