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Be the Brand Consumers Choose

Branding and identity development is the foundation for today’s businesses. In fact, most consumers choose the brand-name supplier over the no-name supplier, and brand marketing causes the consumer to have this familiarity with your company’s product or service.

The most successful companies, like Apple and Nike, are easily recognizable. It takes only a brief glance at an apple or a swoosh for the consumer to instantly know the product’s company. However, the brand is not a logo, is not a tagline, and is not even a name. But it is all three and more — It is an identity, like your own.

Does the outfit you wear, the way you speak, or even the name your parents gave you define who you are as a person? Certainly not. Although logos, taglines, and names are important in product branding, your company’s actions are equally as important.

Understand the Necessary Steps for Becoming Recognizable

Brand management is one of the most powerful marketing devices in today’s ever-changing industry. It creates your company’s identity and consumer loyalty. By giving material reminders to people, the presence of your brand reinforces the consumer’s familiarity with your product or service and builds buying prospects.

But in order to become well branded, a company needs to determine its objective and should:

  • Deliver message clearly
  • Connect emotionally with target audience
  • Motivate potential buyers
  • Confirm credibility
  • Secure user loyalty

Take Action & Be Recognized

Companies succeed and fail based upon reputation, so our team of experts treats brand discovery seriously. We base the entire process on key market insights, such as customer sentiment, corporate identity design and production, new product positioning and pricing research, logos, taglines, and descriptions.

LW Marketing, based in Bonita Springs, Florida, creates strong logo designs and branding identities for businesses, companies, and organizations. We love to design logos and it shows with our creative logo design concepts and finished professional brand designs. We understand how important a first impression is to the consumer or client. The key to branding and identity development is having consumers see you as the only company that provides the solution to their problem.

After all, perception is reality.

Brand Identity Options:

  • Corporate Identity Design
  • Small Business Logo Design
  • Brand Development
  • Branding Consultation
  • Affordable Branding Packages Available

Now that you have a brand for your business let LW Marketing create a Custom Branded Video to display on your website, social media or email to potential clients or customers.