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LW Marketing has acquired CHP Advertising, bringing together two companies that can offer the highest quality and most diversified strategic marketing services available, both locally and nationally.

Now, both LW Marketing and CHP’s existing clients can benefit from the top-notch marketing services that LW Marketing has always provided, combined with CHP Advertising’s specific skill set, including graphic design, logo creation, website development, and various print media.



Your website needs to be more than just a pretty calling card – it needs to be the epicenter of your online prescence. An effective, well-optimized website drives traffic, gathers qualified leads, generates sales and measures marketing efforts. Our web design process is a well oiled machine that considers your brand, budget, customers, prospects, competition and your market.

Website Development
Email Marketing


Email marketing campaigns not only build relationships, trust, and loyalty, but they also reach the recipients of any country within minutes. We can build a marketing campaign strategy tailored to your business so you can efficiently reach your target audience. But that’s not all, we can also create your own email marketing account, manage your list, design and deploy the HTML email campaigns, and track the results!


Social media is an essential element to any successful marketing campaign. Not just because it’s there or because everyone else is doing it, but because it’s the present day equivalent to old school word-of-mouth. Social media connects people and provides a platform for discovering, sharing, building relationships, and yes, building brands. So come on…unleash your business and let’s go viral.


Social Media Marketing
Search engine optimization


So your website looks cool – now what? You can have amazing design, but that won’t really matter if no one’s going to see it. We can help you achieve coveted, high rankings in search engines with our expert SEO engineers — they’ll show you exactly what steps to take to start gunning for page 1 search results and leave your competitors behind.



If you want to become an authority in your industry, get more visitors clicking through to your website, and create a long-term presence on the Internet – you need a blog. We don’t just write great blog content. We do the SEO legwork and research to reveal the right keywords to use. We build the content around subjects, ideas, products, and frequently asked questions that your customers actually want to read about.

Blog marketing
Custom Branded Video


Get your message across with a custom animated video! Let us work with your brand to produce a video campaign that combines story and message to engage your audience and create profit for you. Our skilled team of designers and copywriters will deliver a custom animanted video that will bring your product to life, tell your story in a way that’s easy to remember, and instantly set you apart from your competitors.



As you can see, the team at LW Marketing is all about creating cutting-edge marketing that does what you expect: boosts your sales and elevates your brand.

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