Every client, every time, end results so amazing they make our clients howl!

During the process of saying something is awesome you often start with a subtle and astounded WOW. That is what we strive for in everything we do – make internal and external clients be blown away with our results. You must exceed expectations and differentiate us from the competition. At LW, it’s everyone’s responsibility to provide this experience to our clients, vendors, Pack members, and partners. We constantly strive to be the Best in Show, which means we are continually outdoing our previous efforts and performing with excellence in ALL areas.


Cunning and determined, we are the industry innovators.

Darwin said it best: “It is not the smartest or the strongest that survive; it is the one with the best ability to adapt.” Competitors from large companies do not understand why we are successful and can outmaneuver and beat them when they are the “biggest.” We can change direction instantaneously like a Jack Russell Terrier versus a lumbering Bull Mastiff. The capability and power of our Pack to adapt so quickly and seamlessly creates a better experience for clients. We encourage looking for better ways to do things. We flourish on efficiency and accelerated problem-solving. You must embrace change enthusiastically and become the inspiration for change enabling the Pack to evolve in the technology-driven industry in which we thrive.


Passionately hunt  for personal and professional growth to strengthen yourself and the Pack

At LW, we understand that everything has a lifecycle, from puppy to venerate elder. At LW, we embrace those qualities in yourself that reflect your curiosity for the new, your flexibility in the face of change and growth, and your desire to let your creativity run wild thanks to the support of the Pack. We remain evergreen by challenging yourself to be better than you were a year ago, a month ago or even a day ago. Everyone has untapped potential, even the old dog who feels they have explored all aspects of their abilities. We challenge you to find the “newness” in your business and personal life to enable continued development. Sometimes, obstacles in life can get in the way of your growth. Don’t get frustrated when it looks like the gate is closed and there is nowhere for you to go. Instead, spend your time looking for a new way under, over or through the fence, a different solution, to run with the Pack!


Choose to be happy and the laughter and success will follow.

We may appear a bit strange to outsiders, but after they learn our culture, they will embrace the strangeness and realize it fosters creativity and excellence. Just as there are many breeds of dogs, from Chihuahuas to Great Danes or even a fancy Cur Dawg like LW himself, we know that we want individuals to be themselves and all of the Pack to embrace this diversity.

The ability to be playful and laugh is essential in our growth as Pack members, never be afraid to have fun.

Laughter is the best medicine and being able to laugh at yourself is even better, even if it means chasing your tail once in a while!

One of the things that make LW Marketing different from a lot of other companies is that we value being fun and a little strange. We have no desire to be a big boring corporation. We go out of our way to find both fun and humor in our daily work. If you do not laugh at least once a day, even if it’s at yourself for going around in circles, something is wrong.


Be open. Be honest. Be loyal. Everyone wins.

One of the main characteristics of dogs is their loyalty. As a member of the Pack, loyalty is paramount to the success of LW. We are a company built on a strong foundation and are here for the long term, so we expect honesty and integrity to sustain our reputation. Open and honest communication is the essence of developing emotional bonds that sustain relationships. Sometimes it’s harder to tell the truth, but that is what we must do – make the hard choices and do the right thing for the business, your Pack members, and the clients. In the long run you will gain respect, trust, faith, and be rewarded for your loyalty.


Unleash your inner wolf and let your creativity run wild!

We are not an average company, our services are not average, and we don’t want our people to be average. We must exceed our own high standards, constantly raising the bar for our competitors, and for ourselves to benefit our clients and win in the marketplace. We must unleash the wolf within and let our creativity run free, daring to take chances with innovative ideas and solutions to our clients’ needs and desires.

At LW, you must strive to be a winner and get the Blue Ribbon. This does not mean that you are the overly aggressive like a poorly-raised Pit Bull, egotistical, or an obnoxious Pampered Poodle – those are not qualities we are looking for. It means you are here to do your best, personally and professionally, so we can all universally benefit from the results.


Running and fetching is fun, so let’s keep that ball coming back to us

Even when jobs are repetitive, you need to keep finding new ways to make it interesting. Expand your playground by finding new places to explore, a different creative expression, which will help you do the same thing again with brand new results and innovative solutions. It’s all in the mindset of how to approach the same thing creatively. Set out to find a new path to the same place with every project!

Every client needs to feel they are getting more than their money’s worth and ROI. If this is not possible, then we should not do the project. There’s no reason to run after something if no one is going to play along. It is not just about spending their budget; it’s about generating results and exceeding their expectations. It’s about running faster, farther, and with more enthusiasm than our competitors. Whenever we start a project we need to show the benefit to the client so they will see the value, encouraging them to return for more work, to provide referrals, and to keep throwing the ball to us.

Passion needs to be displayed everywhere – every email, every design, every phone call, etc. If we didn’t love what we do here, we wouldn’t be doing it.


The Iditarod is not won by a lone dog.

At LW Marketing, we are a Pack, not a family. The Pack is built based on common goals and close, friendly, working relationships. Everyone is here to help the Pack succeed. If someone is overwhelmed, then other members of the Pack can dig in to help so we can achieve our common goals. Keeping an optimistic and welcoming attitude is contagious and we want that to spread as it inspires others to do the same – when someone wags their tail at you it is hard not to wag yours back!

It is important to understand the Pack is more valuable than the individual. Everyone values their role in the Pack above their personal agenda. If you are just here to punch a clock, get a check and rush to your personal life, then LW is the wrong job for you. Performing the basic levels of the job does not make an impact at LW. We expect all Pack members to go above their defined role and not default to saying, “That is not my job.” When taking on a responsibility do so with enthusiasm and own it. Passion, drive and determination enables us to exceed our goals.

Every Pack has a leader and it is the leader’s job to enable the Pack to do theirs. The leader may establish the goal and outline the path, but it’s the Pack that reaches the destination. Sometimes it’s through different or creative routes, but ultimately we reach our goals together. The Pack informs the leader of obstacles getting in their way so the leader can propose a solution. The best solutions often come from the Pack, not the leaders, as they are the ones dealing with the issues directly. We encourage both the presentation of problems and suggested solutions – there are no dumb questions or suggestions. In reality, there are no bad dogs, just bad owners.


Thanks – there I said it – Pass it on daily!

It is so simple, yet so often forgotten, to be thankful for  what we have and what others in the Pack do for us. Make a conscious effort to be grateful and humble, and never think you are the top dog in the world. Everyone likes to be acknowledged for their contribution so point it out, publicly and privately. Even though criticism is easy and often seems to come naturally, realize everyone makes mistakes. Admit to them, learn from them, and implement a process to protect the Pack from the same pitfalls. Any criticism needs to be constructive and work toward a solution. Strive to be a positive influence on the Pack; going out of your way to find the good in all Pack members and acknowledge them.